Good communication requires good content. The right selection of words can mean success or failure. Good copy can force a reader to continue reading, and to act.  Whether you are writing copy for an email campaign, content for a product or service, conducting Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Business to Business or Business to Consumer activities, good content will force your desired action to happen.

Yes, writing good copy requires skill.  Words mean something. An effective call to action is like a lighting strike. Filled with excitement, pop, and flash. Our Epic Copy Writer can work magic for your written copy, content, and video needs.

The staff of Epic Copy Writer is experienced, patient, and relentless in helping you achieve your communication goals. Teresa Marie Wise and I will do all in our power to help you. Please review her Bio and mine in the About section of this website. All clients receive a 20% discount if you mention you found us through this web site. Also check us out at: