Anyone who has ever played a musical instrument, or a sport of any kind, understands the advantages of a coach. And what do we remember from our own parents? They were always showing us how to do things and teaching us right from wrong.  Just like a good parent, a good coach is invaluable. 

The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is a very rocky road and is fraught with all types of difficulties. When I first got started travelling down the entrepreneurial road, I thought my experience and education would lead me to easy success. After all an engineer/scientist knows stuff –right! Yes of course experience and education help, but becoming an entrepreneur is a whole different game. There is not much structure, or formulas to help you calculate your way forward. And reinventing yourself is not intuitive either.

So, the new entrepreneur makes tons of mistakes. The first tendency that must be overcome is the shiny new thing syndrome.  After wasting maybe upwards of $10,000 and having sat through countless 1-2-hour long webinars, I finally learned the few things that make for a great entrepreneur. Stay focused, take action, and do what that little professor in your mind tells you to do—just do it—not just think about it. It is more important, no—extremely important– that you take action.  It is better to focus on action than making it perfect first. You can always improve the quality later, but if you never start, I guarantee you will never succeed.

I will be happy, and excited, to help you along the rocky road to becoming an entrepreneur in internet marketing, email marketing , digital marketing, and e-commerce. If you are interested, please contact me using  the contact page. Tell me a little about yourself and what area you want to succeed in first.

I will reply with some suggestions and my fee schedule. I am affordable as I want to help people, to share my knowledge and experience, and to give back for all that I have been given to enjoy. I promise  I will help you so you will not waste money like I did, and I will  help you reach your financial  goals without wasting time.